Friday, February 8, 2013

"I am" Not Yours

Some see souls as shiny objects
Ready to be possessed
They try to buy your spirit
Strive to attain the essence you transmit
They use their resources
To get inside your body
To add you to their belongings

And then they come across my heart
Shining, glowing in the darkness
Emitting light, professing love
And they say, "I must have her,
I need to possess her"

And they fail in their quest
To trap an image
To hold a soul
In their tiny slippery hands
Perspiring cold sweat
And fear and hurt

They fail miserably
While trying to hold
Pure light, pure love
In decomposing bodies
In broken ideas of affection
They fail miserably
While trying to chain me
To reflect me as their own

You see, my love
Is made of Ishtar's soul
It burns with divine presence
Hands and mouths
Could never hold or taste
The miracle that is "I"
Eyes and minds cannot see
The revelation that is "I";
Realized spirit!
Born of Ishtar
Blessed by consciousness
My love blinds the fool

"I" cannot be owned
"I" shall never be possessed
For "I am God"
Manifested in a body
Of beauty and infectious affection