Sunday, August 4, 2013

Be a house for love

Follow the course of love, 
keep aware, 
attentive to what your struggles are trying to teach you. 

The wisdom learned will attract blessings. 

Be a vessel of light, 
a shelter of love, 
a home for the divine to reside--
A body of faith and virtue. 

Stay the course, 
let love pour itself into you. 



I am nothing by default and everything by choice. 

Don't let your physical ego mind imprison you, 
you are a limitless divine spirit. 

You choose what you think, 
what you say, what you do, 
how you react and how you grow.

Create yourself or become pieces of everyone around you, infected and ran by illusions of other egos. 



Your vulnerable eyes melt my heart,
Your fiery spirit arouses my body,
Your curious mind stimulates me,

Tough, confused, fighting spirit,
Humble, sensitive, defensive, beast,
Radiant, lively, rowdy personality,

I love you,
I love you,
All of you,

And my love, my light,
my art,
does please you.


To girls, about men....

When they are not looking at pictures of us they are asking us for pictures.

When they're not listing the reasons why they are single or making lists of traits they want in a woman, they are out looking for us. 

When they break up with us they go hang with their ex girlfriends or girl friends if they have any. 

They chase us, they admire us, they dream of being surrounded by a bunch of us. 

We were made for them, without us their life doesn't make sense. 

Don't chase them, don't bother them, don't fight them, criticize, belittle, hate, mistreat, use or play them. 

Let them chase you and show you how much they need you, it's what they do. And don't hate them because you've been wounded by some lost souls, just like there are lost girls there are also lost men. 

Don't categorize them, they're all different and if you're patient you'll meet good matches. 

Lookout for those who embrace their divine essence, those who are faithful to their heart, the ones who are sovereign, independent, resourceful, creative, healthy, the ones who love themselves. 

For he who loves himself has the ability to love you. I love men, some of my best friends are guys. We aren't that different, don't be fooled by their tough act. 

They just want to be loved, just like you.



And as much as I think, 
as much as I wonder,
I have nothing to write for you. 

Some would call this progress,
until they see you in my eyes, 
until they hear you in my voice. 

Some days I wonder if this is temporary, if one day I'll wake up inspired, ready to hurt again. 

And sometimes I truly believe that I'm in a new place, where I'm only troubled by memories. 

But the thing about being is that you're free to move anywhere you wish, to be in whichever state you want. 

I can't help but wonder where my mind will travel to, where my heart will end up at, where my soul will settle at, and if I should ever settle at all. 




 your bold round face 
light up like a lamp, 

your wide eyes 
illuminate the night, 

your curls,
swell spirals of golden brown, 

your voluptuous round hips 
carry a pair of graceful stallion legs, 

your heart, 
a deep well filled with holy water,
shared with hopeful souls 
who wish to quench their thirst 
for wisdom, 

your soul,
 an ocean of unconditional love 
swam by the fittest wit.  


Conversations with friends...

The infinite soul and knowledge of being in the now, in spiritual consciousness.
We are one when we share unconditional love, when we feel with our soul.
Be more spirit and less body, more silence and less thoughts, more being and less doing.
In practicing being still you will find your wisdom, the wizard that you are, hidden inside your spirit.

Your body is full of energy, your eyes filled with light and wonder, your heart is seeking and creating and sharing beauty.
You are the most beautiful entity to come alive within you, all beauty, peace, love, serenity, arise from you, you are the creator manifesting your happiness, purpose, self fulfillment.

Surrender to light, get lost in nature, apply energy, recycle power, build strength to conquer fears, dream to kill reality. The body of a warrior, the mind of a wizard, the soul of a God, the heart of a man in seeking.

Oneness, sovereignty, solitude in the midst of crowds, completeness in an empty room, fulfillment in being one with the soul.
Jump into the deep waters of your soul, dive deep to meet God waiting.

I thought my love for you was unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, undying. And then I learned that I am love, unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, eternal. And that is why I long to share and love with you.

I love that part of you that is reflected within my soul and expressed in my thoughts and feelings, I love your soul that I mirror in my being.