Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To see you but not to keep you

If one day I see you
And you happen to look my way
I´ll run to your arms
Surrender to your embrace
I´ll give you my heart
And the love I saved for you
Inside my broken heart
That longs for loving you
You are right to move on
In your search for security
I’m a child of the sun
A rainbow, a fading beauty
Disappearing in twilight
I was born to kiss the clouds
Washing over me
Carrying your scent away
Giving me rain to dance in
I’m here to feel heaven´s touch
But not to claim its light
To feel the brush of the wind
But not to trap its breeze
To ride the ocean waves
To respect it
Never to master it
I’m a smile, contagious
A fire burning in the desert
I’m water to quench but not to cure
Like a stream meeting a sea
A sweet and sour merge
Your love carries me distances
To see you for a quick instance
Loving you, touching you
Until we break apart
You bring me to light
And back to darkness
Until I see you again


Unjust World

Only God to bring justice
To such an unjust world
A place ruled by the ego
They don´t care where you come from
How much you suffered
Who you are at the core
The person beneath the material
Lie asleep corrupted by the fantasy
The reality is sad, robots fill the streets
The people move selfishly
The ones smiling are so few
But enough to lighten this dark theatre
To cleanse my spirit of the sorrow
Inflicted by my sins
My mistakes
Aggravation hangs heavy on my head
We all have our battles
But you don’t have to fight alone
Compassion is imperative
For the sake of this world
Some rather talk
I rather write
To open my soul and dissect what´s inside
To splay my heart open
Examine the hurt
Some choose to withhold
I prefer to bare all
Put it out in the open
To see it, to feel it
To know who I am
In a world found by war
I inspire love
I encourage it, flourish it
Fill my world with it
I live to love, for love, with love
To God, for God, with God
For only he can bring justice
To such an unjust world


Quick Thoughts

It´s a beautiful life if we want it,
If we allow ourselves the pleasure
To enjoy each experience with love and patience.
There is nothing we cannot heal within ourselves
And overcome outside ourselves.
We are the masters of our lives or the victims of ourselves.
Don’t concern yourself with what is lost,
Go out and attain new things.
What is lost will reveal itself in time
And with experience you´ll decide whether you still want it or not.
We are what we worked on developing along our life,
The product of the wisdom we used to deal with each experience
Plus the lessons we´ve learned.
How we deal with each situation determines our success as a human being.
The hurt and misunderstood display anger and offense,
It is up to those awake to step in and show them compassion and understanding.
It´s a beautiful life if we want it,
If we allow ourselves the pleasure
To enjoy each experience with love and patience.



She brings the sun´s radiance in her eyes
Her star guides souls to a world of joy
She lifts you to heaven with a glance
Her compassion has saved lives, made lives
She is here but is not from here
Her presence enchants men and women
She is beside me, inside me and far from me
Her presence is everywhere beauty lives
Many rejoice in her love
She is my mother but is beauty first
Her eyes will never see this
But her heart has already felt my words



Nature feeds my soul
The ocean washes my spirit
The scent of flowers perfumes my essence
The sun brings me to life
Awakens, revives all that´s rotten inside
It radiates, stimulates, invigorates
My cell growth
Motivates my mind
My soul
Each breath of air purifies me
My lungs, my organs
Renew with each breath stroke
The birds inspire me to fly
To reach high
To build
To try
To reach for the sky
The people inspire me to live
To endure
To fight
To believe in a cure
In a reason, a purpose
To love and be loved
To serve
Nature’s plan strengthens my faith
To live, to work


Like Rain

You punched a hole in my chest
That only your presence can fill
You came down on me like rain
Suddenly my blue sky turned gray
You came down on me like rain
Drenched my soul, drowned my mind
Wetted my faith with sweet despair
Pouring throughout my body
You inspired my dreams and desires
I patiently wait for your soul to enfold me
To fill my heart with love, my soul with light
Enrich my mind with desire, set my body on fire
Once again


Met to say goodbye

We were always different
And we always knew
Still we tried
To hurt and cry
To say goodbye
Again and again
Until our lips were silent
Words could not hold
The grief and mistrust
Love wasn´t enough
We were forsaken by lust
We said no more
For we always knew
Love wasn´t for us
Still we tried anew
To say goodbye
Again and again
Regret and tears
Hold contempt
For loving
Is a mistake
We love to make


Ever Falling

I fell for his eyes
Soared his blue sky
Lost reason
Gained soul sight

I fell for his lips
Rejoiced in his kiss
Licked finger tips
Carried his skin
On my skin

I fell for his tenderness
Immersed in ecstasy
I lost inhibition
I found my pleasure
Pleasing him

I fell for beauty
Attempted to trap form
And was left holding nothing
But ashes alone

I feel for desire
Tasted sweet deception
Suffered lovers revenge
Drunk from lust
I drowned in bliss

I fell for fantasies
Found emptiness
Gained misery
Saw him fighting demons
Lost in sorrow
He said no to this

I fell for grief
Worshiped shadows
Sacrificed divinity
Swam alone
In a sea of lovers
In my mistake
He found me again

I fell for his mind
And completely lost mine
I fell for his strength
And found compassion
I fell for his weakness
And learned forgiveness
I fell for his conviction
And grew faithfulness
I fell for his heart
And broke mine to pieces
I fell for his soul
And gave him my own

I fell for goodbyes
To find he was growing inside
I fell in love over and over
With the same person
And for the rest of my life
I´ll continue to fall
For to fall is to know
My heart has a home
A man helping me grow
A heart inspiring my prose
A soul connected with mine
Sharing this life