Monday, August 22, 2011

Love Can Take Us Out

Love can take us out-

If we could see,
Open our eyes and see
The kingdom within-
True treasure, pure beauty
Inside of you, inside of me.
If we could see the light within
(Nature`s consciousness)
Universal intelligence planted in our genes.
If we could see the purpose, the life design-
If we could see as architects, creators of our lives.

Love can take us out-

Into our own dimension
Made of pure light,
Into a new plane, a celestial consciousness
Apart from ego, away from guilt.
Love can take us out-
Segregate us from the sickness, the egoism,
Deteriorating, separating, killing sympathy.
Love frees us from the struggle,
Delivers us into soul peace,
Releases us from shallow instincts.

Love can take us out-

Our desires can keep us grounded,
Satisfied day to day,
Drunk from pleasant moments,
Waiting for the spell to break.
Love can take us out-
Tame the stubborn animal,
Awaken the killer beast
(The angel warrior within our hearts
Ready to slay our wickedness).

Love can take us out-

Give us soul wings,
Let us soar without body,
Releases us from the grip of gravity,
Awake us from the fantasy.
When lust becomes insatiable,
When satisfying primal instincts doesn`t sustain,
When flesh desires can`t hold us together,
When our faults set us apart,
When the lover is gone.

Love can take us out-

Remind us of who we are,
What we`re made of,
Shine a light into our soul so we can clearly see
The beloved traveling inside our spirit,
Free of vanity, worries, vulgarity.
Love takes us inside ourselves
So that we may search our broken pieces
For the treasure in our heart
(The beauty that sustains, enriches our existence).

Love can take us out-

Out of the race, out of the fight,
Into a peaceful retreat at the heart of life,
Into a new beginning in soul heaven.
Love carries us out of the battlefield,
Out of the war and into a sacred reserve
Away from illusion, free from ego delusions.
Love shows us our joys and sorrows
So that we may discern our faults.
Love breaks our shallow world
So that we may rebuild with wisdom.

Love can take us out-

Into the mystery of our dreams,
Grant us entrance into our true being,
Show us our soul kingdom,
Teach us to nurse our essence,
For happiness is cultivation of the living spirit.
Love takes us out of poverty, spiritual misery,
And illuminates the beauty in our heart
So that we may thrive and guide
Other souls to its sacred spring.



  1. Nice! I want to produce your 1st album :)

  2. Brilliant poem. Love the use of repetition.

  3. haha That sounds awesome, lets do it!

  4. Love is a real miracle! And you are a miraculous poet, Amanda! Thanks for the great poem!

  5. Thank you, that's a high compliment, I hope to live up to it.


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