Monday, July 12, 2010

A Muse's Blessing

Where rests my muse...
Erato, write this poem,
For Calliope and Polyhymnia, for Thalia and Clio.
The goddess of muses, telling your tales to lovers.
Describing the senselessness of the relentless mind,
Depicting the sorrow that preys on our hearts.
Drawing the pleasures that sins our skin,
Desiring happiness in an alter reality.
Euterpe, compose a song our hearts can sing,
Let your verses flow through me,
Make my spirit sing.
Terpsichore, write a dance for us,
Make it special, make it long.
Aphrodite, bless us with beauty,
With gentleness and compassion,
With the vision to see within us,
True beauty, God’s features.
Venus, bless us with true love,
Shower our souls with joy,
With peace and lovers rejoice.