Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

You are beyond a love within-
An extension of my soul
Your beauty exults my heart
Feeds me purpose
You spread joy throughout my body
And glistens through my pores

Our past consumes our love
Stirs up hate in our blood
Fear feeds on old wounds
And inflicts on the new

But my wounds no longer hurt
And where they lay I cannot see
For your love overwhelms
Heals all that is impure
Erases past misfortunes
And fills my vacant holes

Fallen Angel

In screaming silence
Behind your blinding beauty
A dimming spirit drowns
I see beyond your vacant stare
Your soul exclaims grief
And calls upon me

When lightning strikes your heart
And awakens your sorrow
Put on your wings and fight your demons
Raise your sword
And my love will strengthen your might
Confront the wind
And my light will guide you through the storm

With an open heart and a beaming smile
I'll be waiting in our cloud
We'll dance around in silence
And let our hearts speak in thought

I'll embrace you in my wings
And the warmth in my smile
Will silently reassure you-
I understand your sorrow

Fallen Angel

Drink from my faith
And quench your purpose
Feast on my love
And satiate your spirit

Come to me
When you're sad
Lonely and even mad
I'll hug you tight and kiss your eye
Tickle your frown upside down

I'll impersonate your favorite comic
Deviate you from your worries
I'll reenact our favorite nights
And add a little spice

I'll take you in
When you're cold
Battered and hopeless
I'll alleviate your burden
Embrace your loss as my misfortune

I'll wash your pain with my tears
Absorb all your stress and fear

And if you don't want to talk
We can take a silent walk
I'll embrace your broken heart
Without ever asking cause

Fallen Angel

Your eyes of reason
Showed me essential horrors
Our Love
Gave life to my art
Dimmed my blinding halo

Revealed a depriving consciousness
Ignited poetic passion
Harmonized my righteous seclusion
Showed me darkness illusion
Heightened my sympathy--
A cruel world in disbelief
Sharpened my logic--
Suppress resistance- free impulses
Sculpted my poet's soul
United pain and love

Fallen Angel

Our splendor thrives
The proof is in our eyes

My passion and peace
Your devotion and loyalty
My eloquence, your reason
Still Intrigues us

Humorous chemistry
Infatuation everlasting
Unleashed passion
Freeing ecstasy
Divine release!

Our beauty combined is our antidote
It heals our sorrow and frees our soul
United, my Love and your honor
Is our golden ticket to Heaven