Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In love; in lesson

Your presence in my life can be seen in my eyes
Your feeling remains after years have gone by
Your picture still clear in my mind
Your shadow follows everywhere I try to hide
My soul looks forward to meeting yours
My body awaits your awakening embrace
My mind dreams of your peaceful voice
My longing for a day damned by this day and age
To see your perfect face, touch your diamond skin
To press my lips against yours and let you take me
To live the life my heart desires--designed for us
To sit and read my poems to you under our tree
Where`s the beauty that completes me
Where`s the man that hurts me with his breathing
Where`s the hands that bruise me with caresses
Where`s the owner of my composing spirit
Baby there has been no happiness without you
Baby I want to lay with you in the field of my dreams
Baby I want to feel the future my heart sees us in
Baby let me touch you, let me hold you, let me live


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