Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Claim Me

My Lord Claim Me
I am yours to take
I cannot escape
I bow to you
With my hands and feet bound
I am ready
I was frightened, foolish
But I am here now, imprisoned in you
You've won me, now claim me
There are others, vultures
They surround me
Come claim me my Lord
I am yours
Take me home, I'll love you and serve you
Lay me down beside you if you only wish to invade me
Once or often I am yours to take
You have chosen me, I am bound to you
Come claim me my Lord
I am yours

House of Memories

I keep them locked in a house of memories
Loved and lonely, sad and satisfied
I feed them hope and a little love
I give enough to keep them comfortable
In my hearts prison

I rarely visit, I send messages
Words serve my affection
Together, unaware, in love, they endure
Always gentle, ever caring and accepting
In my hearts prison

They dreamingly await my return
I do ill to keep them
But I haven’t learned to let go
I hid the keys to their souls
In my hearts prison

Many windows and no doors
They wave at me from single balconies
All dressed in white, ready to make the sacrifice
Selfish, vain, I refrain from choosing
In my hearts prison

Deprived, anxious, lusting success
Ignoring the unchanging reality
One day I’ll grow, evolve and change
Move to a new plane and live with saints
Free from my hearts prison



No, I´m not ready
But I´m getting there
Solitude is my only friend
Always present
Through the good and the bad
Aloneness has followed me
One day I´ll be there
And you´ll be here
And we´ll meet in the heart of love
And I´ll be forever yours
Till then I wait alone
So many thoughts of you
Good thoughts, simple beauty
Blooming within my soul
So delicate are my desires
The wild ecstasy is dormant now
In distant dreams of our youth
Now my fantasies are richer
Something from out of heaven
My desires are gentle
To touch your face, to see you smile
To love you kindly, slowly
To taste your worry
Seize your stress
I don´t know where to start
In the beginning
When the pain was new
The agony simple, sweet
We were kids, running wild
Proud, shallow, irresponsible
Still I loved you wholehearted
I was there when you called
You were mine if I asked right
I cherish the times we danced
Kissed, touched, held hands
Walked together for a short while
I melted in your arms
Now the seasons have swallowed us
You´re in your own primavera
With your plans and your reasons
I´m in a world anew
Filled with hope and possibilities
Waiting to do, dreaming to build
A world for these children
To get them off the streets
Into a harbor of peace
And you are there
Giving of yourself everyday
Teaching, reading, learning
Shaping your life, writing your story
Giving of your soul for their welfare
I pray you´re healthy and happy everyday
That you´re loved and taken cared of
My young love, always in my thoughts
Forever in my heart, stirring in my spirit
For you I shed a tear
Of compassion, unconditional love
That´s what I hold for you
Your friend,