Thursday, February 3, 2011

A conversation between a Man and his Soul

And the soul screamed,
“You`re killing me, for lack of growth--you`re dimming me!”

And the man dismissively said,
“Oh don`t be dramatic! If you are eternal, if you truly exist,
What business does a mere mortal have with a perpetual being?”

And the soul exclaimed in agony,
“Oh, release me--let love in!
Why must you arrest me, imprison me in make-believe?”

And the man sarcastically whispered,
“If you are real, why don`t you heal me,
Take away the burden, the pain this existence instills in me?
You want me to believe in a love that cannot stop suffering?
What about my wounds, my scars,
The sorrow eating me alive, rotting my body and mind?”

And the soul confidently answered,
“Allow me to grow, to flourish,
To shine through your skin, perspire from your being,
Let me kill the hate spiraling in your heart, let me dry your teary mind,
Heal your broken thoughts.”

And the man hopelessly cried,
“I believed in you once, in your God given power,
I worshiped your light but saw none of your might!
You claim to live in me but all I feel is pain,
Love wrapped in hurt, torturing my flesh, testing how much I can bear.”

And the wise soul explained,
“You worshiped shadows, demons in white robes--
Earthly mystical creatures thriving in divine ignorance--
Feeding on human souls desperate for love.
You invested your faith in evil, bargained with creatures for instant delight,
You offered your soul as payment for deeds of darkness.
Mistakenly you prayed, blindly you sought a dream,
A love with reward that does not exist, sustain or fulfill.”

And the man angrily replied,
“How was I suppose to know
I was praying to darkness instead of light?"

And the soul patiently replied,
“You never had faith in the source,
The creator, the vessel that brought you to earth,
The force that gave you life, inspired your growth, allowed you to fly.
You asked to be loved but ignored the spring that gives you breath, warmth, delight!”

And the man doubtfully uttered,
“I believed in divinity, in forever,
In a resting place with the angels and saints.
I prayed for life and received only death,
I asked for love and felt only sorrow and regret!
What can you possibly give me that I haven´t learned through pain?”

And the soul kindly explained,
“Peace; a righteous conscience, a clear mind!
My Love can bless you with ancient wisdom,
Play you an angel`s song that’ll soothe your heart,
Bless you with knowledge, understanding, growth.
I can’t cure your wounds,
For, in your pain, there are lessons you’ve been sent here to learn,
But I can take away your doubts, your fear
And replace them with courage and purpose.
I can give you compassion and a healthy, happy life.”

And the man excitedly asked,
“What must I do to experience this joy?

And the soul confidently said,
“Kill the ego, forgive the wrongs you have done against God and his people,
Accept me, believe in love, feel me living within you,
Freed from this cage you’ve built for us.
Let me learn, let me grow, be one with your mind, body and heart.
Cultivate me, inspire light, love unconditionally, everyone including us.”

And the man eagerly said,
“I will if you give me eternal life.”

And the soul sadly responded,
“This is not a bargain; to experience love you must leave your ego behind.
For if I am, then you are love and light--forever and never apart.”

And the man mockingly said,
“I still have a lifetime to get it right.”

And the soul quietly whispered,
“Or an eternity to get it wrong.”