Thursday, February 24, 2011


You wake up and change!
You improve
So you can approve
What you see in the mirror;
The aspirations surfacing
The dreams you painted
Framed in your mind
The person you’re meant to be
Want to be
Know how to be-
In this life

Haven`t lived long enough
To distinguish a mirage from a river
Floating through your being
Awakening the good
That makes you want to grow and transit out
Because you’ve felt a greater good
Inspiring your values, your character
What you stand for in life

You incept
To achieve
Realize, bring to life
To light
The soul, the magic, the wizard inside

You wake up and change!
Grow; ascend; create
Sketch, draw, paint
A life; a dream; a purpose

You wake up and change!
Into a higher being
Conscious, aware--in love
With all you`ve got

You accept, thank and forgive:
Yourself, God and them
For everything is everything
And everything is perfect