Friday, October 21, 2016

Fight for Love

I hate fighting with you. 
But everybody fights. 
You need to learn how to fight. 
I'm not the enemy. 
I'm just annoying. 
You're very annoying too. 
You know, these fights are a waste. 
A waste of time and emotion. 
When I'm doing something annoying you have to love me in-spite of how you feel at that moment.
You have to think about me; put me first and say to yourself "this isn't worth being mad about, who cares what anyone thinks, let's just be together and have a good time, fuck everything else."


Saturday, October 1, 2016


Sometimes we fight
I start fighting about the past 
He'll feel blamed and withdraw
And we don't get anywhere 
We fight a lot, like every week
I'm mad at him about something 
I used to go days without talking
But now it's hard to go a whole day
We're in a fight right now, of course
I reached out a few hours after
He hasn't responded to my calls 
Im not apologizing and reaching out
Because I think I'm wrong 
I'm reaching out because I love him 
I'm reaching out because I love him



We run a little wild 
You know skinny dipping 
Inside rainbows of pleasure 
A colorful mix of stubbornness 
How do we survive our own egos 
We do not, the ego kills creativity 
There are a million solutions 
Remember what you do best 
Always go back to what you love 
If I died tonight would I be content?
I'd be sad I wouldn't get to live 
I want to learn more about me 
So I keep threading the storms 
I'm owning up to my mistakes 
I'm not perfect but I'm kind 
I'm mean but I'm compassionate 
I love you and it's hard to hurt you