Thursday, August 8, 2013


Optimum health; allowing the body to function at it's best, cleansing, detoxing, healing the vital organs and preventing diseases from developing. Without contamination from harmful meat and meat products your body performs all the natural cleaning and rejuvenating duties efficiently, slowing down the aging process, revitalizing and strengthening your bones and organs.

It is the best diet for creatives, cleansing the spirit of stresses and burdens that block inspiration. I write almost everyday now, compared to when I use to eat meat on a regular basis and only wrote once a week or less, with less ease and more effort.

Improved energy; easier workouts, the endurance to exercise for longer periods, lift heavier and endure rigorous workouts. Plant protein is quickly absorbed by the muscles, allowing for faster recovery and the rebuilding of muscle.

Vigorous sexual energy; a cleaner body and spirit means healthy reproductive organs and a clear receptive and compassionate heart, thus allowing you to connect fully with your body and your partner's.

This conscious lifestyle of showing compassion for animals also promotes a sustainable environment. By eating meat produced in plant farms you are supporting a system and companies that make billions of dollars by destroying the land, torturing and killing innocent beings daily.

Your government has already begun arrangements to control the increasing population, they have even built underground shelters for themselves and those who can afford to stay alive once the genocide begins. We're consuming all of the world's resources by buying into the materialistic, polluting lifestyle. Unless you take responsibility and change, the government or the planet will take charge and kill most of us to preserve the planet.

There are enough resources for everyone, there's enough land and food to sustain six billion, even nine billion people, but not living the way we are living. Animal plant farms pollute the earth more than oil and gas companies do, the damage done by meat farming is greater than global warming.

We have been given a chance to evolve, we've entered into a new cycle, to become a more aware, conscious, compassionate human being. The only way we'll survive and make room for everyone is to convert to a diet that depends mostly on plants. We are suppose to live in harmony with our environment, not harm it because we like how something tastes in our mouths for a few minutes. Be the change the world needs and deserves.