Saturday, July 24, 2010

The F Word

Frankly, you’re not Frank at all
Fragile, Frail, at Fault
Ferocious, Firm, Freaked
Futile, Futureless, you Flunked us
Fierce, Fruitful, I lifted us
My Fallible Friend, relationship
Flooding my heart with False hope
Folly to be Fond of Fairies
Flaming my soul with Fast words
Fondling my senses with vast knowledge
Frolicking with every part of my body
I Fell for a Fictional picture
Filled your ego with Flattery
Made believe a Flawless love
False hope, Faltered senses
In a Feud, Forced to Feel for me and you
Fevered body, Flaring mind
Frazzled by the Fray our lives became
Fey, Feeble, Fibbing to stay
Frightened to know your kind
Give me a Flash memory to Force delete your Failed memory
Maybe I’ll dip you in my heart like Fondue
And you can taste my Frustration
Freed from our Fantastic Farce
You are the thread and I’m the weaver of this Fable
Love is the Fabulous Fa├žade of this story
Fabricating a happy ending
If I knew the fount of your love I’d live under it
You are my Fetish, Frantic animal
Fucking me without touching
Raw within me, Fulfilling my Fantasy
Fraternizing with my demons
Fornicating to Forsaken
Fallacious relationships
Fill their minds with Filth
Flirt with their pure hearts
Breaking Flowering spirits
Fulfilling your Fatal instinct
My dreams Fuzzy and Far
Fanatic, Famished for a Family
My Fancied reality Further from me
Your Fangs Finally sting
The Finale is here, relationship
You Failed me Fidelity
And Frank is a Fool
A Falcon without vision
A Fool in disguise, in wise man’s scriptures
Part of my past, Fount of my wisdom
Whole of my Future, But I’m Futuristic
Fate guides my relationships