Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Take Flight

You don't need to be an angel to have wings,
you don't need wings to fly,
I fly with no wings, I fly without body.
The more you judge yourself and others the more you ground yourself.
You're no different than anyone else.
There's no such thing as young and old souls,
that is like saying that one drop in the ocean is older than another.
You're not better or more precious than any other being.
We all have the same soul quality, we all share the same potential.
I am not an angel because I've chosen to cultivate my artistic,
compassionate, spiritual side, I am just like everyone else,
with the same ability, the same brain, the same soul.
Don't let anyone tell you any different,
you are a pure spirit made of love and light and you can do with it whatever you like.
Your ideas, your perception, your habits, your discipline makes you who you are.
Be strong, be love, be the best you can be!


Heaven's Plan

Waiting for the day when my desire to succeed in this world
surpasses my desire to go home.
Waiting for the day I'll embrace this existence
and the souls trembling around me.
Will there ever come a day when I won't long for the unknown,
the mysterious, my eternal home.
Animals, humans, tortured, killed,
emotional, physical, spiritual illnesses, unnecessary famine,
greed, preventable diseases, sick egos.
Take me home, these humans don't want a healthy world,
they simply want temporary relief and satisfaction,
unawareness, superficial happiness.
Take me home!
And then my father says,
"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child, see heaven's got a plan for you"

Keep your faith,
there are few but enough of us to change this planet into a compassionate world,
there's enough of us to bring peace and love to the lonely,
the blind, the dark hearts.
Stay positive! Heavens' got a plan for you!


Be Love Able

In my heartbreak I chose love, compassion, unconditional love, I chose God and faith and purpose, and that comforted my heart and made me a refined soul. It's not about the people who come into our life, it's not about what they do, how they act, it's about how we react, how we treat ourselves everyday. If you choose love you'll grow rich in love, and a rich soul is never lacking love. When we love ourselves and others we don't crave or need anyone, any love, but love is attracted to us from every corner of the world, souls recognize our ability to be love and embrace our spirits with pure love and light. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to love a fool, it made me even more lovable. I'm stronger, healthier, inspired and intolerant to sadness and negative behaviors or persons. Learn from your struggles, move forward with your head up. Don't hold grudges, leave those who you've hurt, leave those who have hurt you. Move forward, love yourself first and foremost! Be sovereign!


Follow your Heart

“Talents are best nurtured in solitude, but character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world”

I was born an artist, we all were.
Somewhere while I was developing, growing, I chose to see the world with compassionate love. I've been writing poems since I was six years old, it's the way I express my passion for life, how I describe the beauty I see and experience. I choose to see and cultivate the love in everyone I meet, I try my best not to judge myself and others. I stay away from pessimistic, judgmental personalities, for those who do not love themselves will always bring you down with their self hatred. I am blessed, I am loving, I am Amanda, Beloved Poet, Hardworking Athlete, Caring Friend, Loving Daughter and Compassionate stranger. My present and future is blessed with joy and serenity, I fear nothing and I steer clear of fearing souls, for they not only deprive themselves of love but dim your spirit too. Be yourself, follow your heart!


Entertain Peace

I'm not here to critique, to judge, to argue and debate.
I'm here to love, to be fearless, to follow my heart and inspire you to follow yours.
I'm not preparing to do anything, I'm doing what I came here to do.
I am loving, I am being loved, and there is nothing to affirm, there is nothing to protest,
there is nothing to prove or protest.
I am here to create, to share beauty, and so are you.
We live in a world where the privileged are the most judgmental,
where those who were given everything criticize and put down the ones born in struggle.
This snobbish behavior creates fear and separation between souls,
this lack of humanity and compassion hurts both the privileged and unprivileged souls,
creating violence and retaliation.
You want to help the world? Quit being scared, stop judging, start loving.
You're not better, you're not worse, we're equal.
The illusion, the ego delusion, the materialism, the need for unnecessary luxury are killing the animals, the forests, the people.
The destructive fearsome ego is destroying the planet,
creating war and catastrophe.
Follow your heart, be love, be fearless,
save the forests, save the people, save earth.
Let the God inside you rule your heart.
Create positive energy, don't repeat the negative actions you see around you,
don't praise destructive behavior,
don't scorn, don't criticize, let the bad energy die, don't give it life.
Focus on the love in your heart, on being the best you can be,
let your divine existence reign.