Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stop the Pain

If you think you know it all, you've seen it all, you've felt it all, then it's time to empty your cup and start over, for it probably means that you've accumulated too much bullshit that's blurring your vision, clouding your feelings and depriving your living.

You don't have to ingest the stress and suffering of slaughtered animals to build muscle, you can be a vegan and build as much muscle as you want, it just takes proper nutrition and hard work.

It is a myth that you must eat meat to develop muscle, you don't have to harm your mind, body and spirit. Meat from slaughter houses have deadly antibiotics, cancerous toxic chemicals, stress from the tortured animals that can wire you for stress, and suffering that is absorbed by your soul and takes from your humanity and sensibility. Eating meat from animals that lived under stress and died in agonizing pain takes from your mental, physical and spiritual health. Attain peace of mind, spiritual health, a heart filled with joy, a stress free life. Make the choice! Watch the documentary "Earthlings" it's free on YouTube, it will help you start eating healthier.

Respect the Soul

The soul is graceful,
free, enlightened,
the soul is pure, energy,
flexible, sensible,
the soul is loving, compassionate, beautiful,
the soul is the artist in you.
Awake to your soulful existence
and experience life without ego,
without guilt, without fear,
without hurt, without pride.
Selflessness is a gift
you give to yourself,
it saves you worry, it cures stress,
to give without expectancy of reward.
I love you
and I don't need you to love me
but simply to accept that I love your spirit in spite of your mental struggle.
I love you and I forgive you
for judging me.