Saturday, September 12, 2015


And he kissed me with his pretty face and lips and tongue, and he touched me with his pretty hands and fingers and finger tips, and he pressed his long torso against mine and began to cleanse. 

My skin remembers his slippery tongue, the unpredictable nibbles on my lips, his traveling fingers, the moments of perfect awareness, the loud moaning sounds, the feverish pleasure of touching and being touched.

His burning skin, his ardent energy, his exuding pores, his sticky sweat, his dripping wet hair soaking my face, caressing and wetting my skin, his glistening abs rubbing against my belly and washing me with his scent. 

I felt his entire being inside me, conquering untouched spaces, filling empty places, pushing out idle visitors, filling me, emptying me, washing out old ghosts and creating new marks and dents and ripples.

And I learned that he was water, leading the way, traveling fluidly; rivers paving paths; ocean waves crashing bodies; clear blue lakes, transparent and deep.

His vibrant grasp, his energy flowing into me, the intensity of an Arabian horse galloping inside me, his life force all over me. 

I turn on the cold water in the shower, lean my back against the tiled wall, and with my arms suspended above my head I envision tall waterfalls pouring over my breasts. 

I picture his yellow head between my legs, his wet hair brushing against my thighs, his eager tongue racing up my belly, his hands firmly squeezing my cheeks, his mouth around my nipple, suckling, arousing, exciting both our sexes. 

I turn my face against the shower wall and feel his hard body pushing against my back, his fingers between my legs, his hips grinding against me, his hand running over my mouth, his teeth biting down on my skin.

I envision wild rivers running between me, soaking my senses, cleansing my spirit, I imagine myself swimming in oceans and letting wild waves crash my body. 

I dream of him waltzing away, exploring the infinite spectrum of motion, cleansing and enriching, intertwined between long earthy stems, pleased and pleasing.