Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lovers Rejoice

He came into my life with a message
I stretched my hand out to clutch
And he dissolved into molecules
His perfect world united with my broken universe
His talents overlapped my flaws gracefully
Our souls that longed lost
Found each other`s verse
Shadows of past lovers left me
My mind was cleansed of sorrow
In his presence I found perfection
His wisdom gave me direction
An instant in his sight and I saw the light
His mind clashed with mine
Our differences surfaced and evaporated in moments
My soul was lifted to a utopian time
Darkness vanished and all was divine
There was an explosion of emotion
Pain and fear were incinerated
Faith and desire emancipated
Love ignited in my heart
And burned throughout my body
My eyes lit in flames and my skin burned red
All that was broken came together and I was whole again
Stars were shining in and around us
Our bodies sang and we chanted the same song
The closer we came the faster we melted
Love broke us down to rebuilt us together
Now we are one soul in two bodies
Sharing one love
Dancing the same dance
Singing the same song
Our bodies move in sync
Intertwined in each other
Creating our own universe
Of consciousness
And lovers rejoice