Saturday, May 4, 2013

Naked Without You

I woke up bare
Your body missing from mine
My lips craving your kiss
My skin wanting your tongue

I woke up nude
Wanting your soul
Asking for your touch
Needing your love

I woke up undressed
Bare without your tender skin
Unclothed without your robe of passion
Naked without your blanket of pleasure


Aries Moon

Aries Moon

Filled with beauty
Full of life
Your piercing gaze
Your distinctive eyes
Your charming smile
Your wild energy
Arousing the senses
Inciting passion

Your stormy spirit
Your creative mind
Your howling heart
Calling my name
Welcoming my body
To your feast

A part of me knows you
So well
So familiar
Feels like I've had you
I've drank you
I swallowed
The dark side of you
But a part of me knows
You're new, intense, original
Spontaneous, passionate

A part of me sees
The potential for pleasure
A part of me knows
The pain involved
In wanting
In struggling
To let go from ecstasy

And wholeheartedly
I am moved
Persuaded by a ghost
A shadow that follows
Every man I touch
A contrast of a lover
I died for

To move this heart
To shake this soul
To motivate these legs
To walk towards you
Would take more
More than you can give
More than either of us
Are willing to share

To know
We walk similar paths
To feel
We seek similar goals
Puts a smile on my face
Gives my heart hope
I'm moving forward
I've resuscitated feelings
Killed by unfeeling strength

Depth and vanity meets
Compassion and selfishness
Here in my mind
Body and soul
Strength and weakness
Are one
I am you, you are me
Is where you are challenged
To be the best you'll ever be