Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running After You

Running After You

The ones who knew you
Wept more than they laughed
They worried and never relaxed
I hated your power
I swore never to walk your tight rope

I ran away from you
I ran towards amorality and shallowness
I feared your fierce passion
So I choose a seasonless world

I ran into a world of cowards and passionless desires
A world in denial, replete with lies
Where everything isn't enough
And cravings are never contained

There the wells are filled with thirst
And the crops harvest hunger
The oceans are deserts overflowing with quicksand

A world filled with treats that never satisfy
Like a tasteless fruit that is always in season
A world of shadows and night crawlers
where abuse and over indulgence are glorified

Like a deep sleep
Filled with nightmares and passionless dreams
I expected lies and welcomed deceit
An endless marathon, a race against truth
A destructive lifestyle and a sad eternity

I don't remember when but you caught up with me
You couldn't stop me from running
So you shined your light on me
Your holy light quenched my thirst
And satiated my hunger
And for that instant I felt full
Full Of laughter
Full of warmth,
Full of meaning
Full of purpose
Full of You

And that's when I stopped running from you
And began to run after you, LOVE