Monday, August 22, 2011

Love Can Take Us Out

Love can take us out-

If we could see,
Open our eyes and see
The kingdom within-
True treasure, pure beauty
Inside of you, inside of me.
If we could see the light within
(Nature`s consciousness)
Universal intelligence planted in our genes.
If we could see the purpose, the life design-
If we could see as architects, creators of our lives.

Love can take us out-

Into our own dimension
Made of pure light,
Into a new plane, a celestial consciousness
Apart from ego, away from guilt.
Love can take us out-
Segregate us from the sickness, the egoism,
Deteriorating, separating, killing sympathy.
Love frees us from the struggle,
Delivers us into soul peace,
Releases us from shallow instincts.

Love can take us out-

Our desires can keep us grounded,
Satisfied day to day,
Drunk from pleasant moments,
Waiting for the spell to break.
Love can take us out-
Tame the stubborn animal,
Awaken the killer beast
(The angel warrior within our hearts
Ready to slay our wickedness).

Love can take us out-

Give us soul wings,
Let us soar without body,
Releases us from the grip of gravity,
Awake us from the fantasy.
When lust becomes insatiable,
When satisfying primal instincts doesn`t sustain,
When flesh desires can`t hold us together,
When our faults set us apart,
When the lover is gone.

Love can take us out-

Remind us of who we are,
What we`re made of,
Shine a light into our soul so we can clearly see
The beloved traveling inside our spirit,
Free of vanity, worries, vulgarity.
Love takes us inside ourselves
So that we may search our broken pieces
For the treasure in our heart
(The beauty that sustains, enriches our existence).

Love can take us out-

Out of the race, out of the fight,
Into a peaceful retreat at the heart of life,
Into a new beginning in soul heaven.
Love carries us out of the battlefield,
Out of the war and into a sacred reserve
Away from illusion, free from ego delusions.
Love shows us our joys and sorrows
So that we may discern our faults.
Love breaks our shallow world
So that we may rebuild with wisdom.

Love can take us out-

Into the mystery of our dreams,
Grant us entrance into our true being,
Show us our soul kingdom,
Teach us to nurse our essence,
For happiness is cultivation of the living spirit.
Love takes us out of poverty, spiritual misery,
And illuminates the beauty in our heart
So that we may thrive and guide
Other souls to its sacred spring.


Dreaming Awake

Love isn`t longing, it isn`t pain
It isn't suffering
Love doesn`t rot, it isn`t flesh
Love doesn`t break, it`s isn`t glass
Love is permanent, indestructible
Pure wisdom, rooted insight
Unreachable by ego, unachieved by mind
Unfeasible by greed, unfelt by selfish desires

Love is soul passion, carried around
From lover to lover, brother to brother
Mother to daughter, father to son
From friend to foe, love changes hearts
Love is what you are, what you can`t let go
Can`t kill, can`t change, what`s instilled in you
Springing from your soul, the need to grow
To share, to give of yourself, completely, freely

Love is kindness, it is beauty
Love is the song composed by the heart
Playing over and over in your soul station
Love isn`t fear of losing, it isn`t absence
It`s not possessive, controlling or anxious
Love is presence, charisma
A heart filled with awareness
Love is the freedom to be oneself with the beloved
To show your silliness and express your concerns
To listen to their worries and console without judgment
To undress your body and mind in front of the beloved`s eyes

Love is knowledge, It is conscious
Love is the silence, the blank in between
Each thought of the beloved
Love is the smile on your face when you hear their name
The silent long breaths when lost in their memory
Love isn`t waiting, wanting, missing
Love is the certainty that everywhere you are
The beloved is with you
Love is knowing you`re together
When you`re a million steps away

Love is the willingness to share everything you are
To give everything you have to make the beloved happy
Love isn`t hateful, revengeful
Love is forgiving, accepting, understanding
Love is Compromising
It is going to sleep without your lover
And awakening with their shadow
Love is sharing the passion, The tenderness
The patience, loving has taught me
It is the gladness, The gratefulness
Of being happy and able to express myself to you


Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary Ellen

Pretty, but she doesn’t know
I love her whole, body, mind, soul
The little dimples on her butt
Her heart shaped face
Glowing cheek bones
She smiles, shrugs her shoulders
Chuckles while she speaks
Talks like she knows
Right from wrong

Naked, golden honey tan
Straight brown hair tied back
Hitting the middle of her back
Sitting on the sand
Drinking, talking, articulating
Like she knows a secret hidden to me
Confidence, the beauty of letting go
Being, one with the ocean

Beautiful, but she doesn`t think so
Look at me, look right here
Striking creature, all knowing
What do you know that allows you
To float about this nude beach so free
Making me feel like an ugly duck
Hiding under its mother`s wing

What is it, Mary Ellen,
That makes you oh so special to me
Your smile spells out beauty
Pure, simple, erotic poetry
Your eyes reveal mystic secrets
A gaze filled with desires
Stories, the love you`ve given
The passion you long to share
In your smirk I find daring fantasies
Inviting, calling me
I`m ready to jump, I want to leap
Right into your open face
Bathe in the spring beyond your gaze

I want to open you up
Look in every fold
Feel your every curve
I want to see, I want to feel
Invite me in
Like a vampire I`m waiting to enter
To devour you

Gorgeous, but she doesn't think so
Floating about, a nude angel
A butterfly sitting on a rainbow
With purple shaded wings
I know you taste pure, perfumed
Let me smell your flowers
The garden blooming between you

Too scared to talk to you
Introduce my desires onto you
To bear the consequences
Of reading you this letter
So I watch you
Record your every move
To remember you
Beautiful, free
Without prejudice, without fear
Mary Ellen, stunning, beauty
But she`d never believe me


Solitude Flourishing

Somewhere far away
In another sky
In another plane
We dance together
Out beyond clouds
Above the blue
I dance with you
Touch your porcelain skin…

It`s not easy
Watching your wax figure
Melting before me
The sun was never your friend
Though nature loves you
Each plant, each tree
Wave their branches for you, dear
My body opens for you to come in

An ocean inside me
Waves crash against my ribs
I feel salt water on my throat
As the tide rises to my eyes
It hurts and I cry
Salt drops…
Blurs my vision of you, dearest

I`m growing old
I feel less, I feel more
Less needs, more love
Less of you, more of me
Though some days
I`m made of solitude
An empty pyramid
To be filled with a pharaoh and his jewels

Some days I`m an empty tomb
No body, no soul
Just space, an empty place
Waiting for life or death
Some days I`m a tree
Suffering the change of weather
Standing tall through the rain and wind

Vulnerable to the lumberman around me
The sun makes my skin fluorescent green
Once in a while a man comes
Prunes my branches, cuts me down
But I grow back up
Thinner branches and a stronger core
My roots spread, extend, reach far
I grow, I grow, I grow!

Explore the earth
Move the soil, create my world
New, full, tall
I grow, I grow, I grow!
In every direction
Inside, outside, I grow…
Most days I`m a child
Learning, observing, writing to understand

And everyday
In eternity somewhere
Our hearts meet
To feel each other, to melt together
Become one, full body, full soul
Somewhere far away
In another sky, in our own dimension
We dance
And grow
Closer together