Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Question Mark

Is it her glowing cheek bones?
Poking out, emitting light
Radiating love, giving birth
To a goddess of love

Is it her heart shaped lips?
Inviting, suggesting
The softness of her skin
Or is it her tender words
Driving me nuts, up the wall I go
Craving to feel her delicate touch

Is it the curve of her back?
Distinguishing her from any other
Descending to her thin waist
And opening to her lower back
Leading down a gorgeous ass

Is it her inviting cleavage?
Hypnotizing, drawing me in
Keeping me looking
Staring, watching, listening
For her every move

What will she do next?
Can she steal my heart?
With her next words

Is it her sway?
The way her body swings
From side to side
From side to side
Goddess! Let me touch you
Just once, just once

Is it the way she looks at me?
That makes me jump from my seat
And follow her like a disciple
To read her holy body
And serve her, please that deity
To touch her flawless silhouette
Would send shivers through me

Is it the love in her heart?
Moving my soul closer to God
Keeping my eyes focused
On this beauty, oh, torture

Is it her divine light?
Glowing around her flawless figure
Or her devilish eyes, seducing
Prompting me to ask her for a kiss
Hum, I can`t decide

All I know is
When she speaks
When she walks by me
Swaying from side to side
I can`t help but stare in her eyes
And picture what it would be like
To kiss her and feel her body close to mine