Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I planted seeds that didn`t grow
I watered and watched with love
But my flowers didn`t boom
I used the finest ground; my heart
But didn’t see any budding laurels

I wrote poems, recited from my soul
But his garden remained barren
Until a quiet stranger came along
With silence and painted pictures
She made his garden bloom in full

They were happy for a little while
Until he showed her the man I knew
They parted, said love wasn’t enough
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
No time to pollinate her garden flower

He searched for my lost deserted body
Asked to drink from my poison cactus
And I gave to him, until I had no more
And he moved on to another young soul
With fresh nectar to give, to sell, to lend

To keep his honey flowing golden
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
Takes a very special bee, a selfless queen
A lady blind to her needs, happy to please
For to love him is to give and give and give


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