Monday, February 18, 2013

Knowing, Desiring, Fantasizing

When we love
The simple knowing, desiring, fantasizing
Is enough
To know love was exchanged
To desire memories gone
To fantasize future encounters
To remember touching hearts

The light of your spirit shining into my life
Your eyes glowing looking into mine
Your naked body opening in a smile
Your firm touch relaxing my tense body
The weight of your stress on my breasts
Pressuring my chest, opening my heart again

Your scent on my skin, your sweat on my pillow
The flavor of your kiss on my lips
Your essence resonating sensitivity
Your echo presence between my legs
Giving me goose bumps still
The tiredness that reminds me
You were here, all day, all night, you are here

This desire that lingers with me
The knowing, desiring, fantasizing
But if I never see you again
I won't be wanting, I won't be needing
For when you were here
I possessed you completely
I gave it all, I took it all

Love, light, illusion
Heart, soul, mind
Body, limbs, legs, arms
Belly, breasts, nipples, neck
Nose, lips, tongue, eyes, ears
Elbows, knees, nails, hairs
Every part, every organ, everything

I gave it all, I let you in
With love and caution
You felt my heart and gave me feeling
My entire being consumed completely
Everything, everything
I opened up, I shared with you
Everything, everything

I gave and I took
Gave love, took spiritual burden
Gave kisses, took mental worries
Gave body, took physical pleasure
Gave touch, took lasting emotion
I gave and I took
Gave what was mine and took what was yours

And if I never see you again
I won't be wanting, I won't be needing
For when you were here
I gave my all, I took it all
I fed my hunger, satisfied my pleasure
I took what I wanted and let you possess me

And if I never see you again
I'll live satisfied, knowing, desiring, fantasizing
I'll live content with the knowledge
That I resonate inside your body
With the desire of pleasureful memories
With the fantasy that makes me believe
I made love with you