Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To love you

To Love you
To know how to speak from the heart
Express my point of view
My side of the story
To listen to your heart
To know what you want through the gesture in your eyes
To love you
A duty, a gift, a blessing
To have you, please you, give to you
To know the language your body speaks
To love you
A reason to write, to want, dream, desire
To love you
To know your soul, to feel your spirit
To understand your virtues, accept your principles
Share your ideals, to be one in love
To belong
To love you is to need you
To know you
To let go and understand we’re just passing
Like clouds in the sky we float round
Going where the wind takes us
To love you is to know there is no certainty in love
It’s to care for you with all the love in my heart
To hear you, forgive you
Be with you, to keep you
To love you