Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My love is selfless-
Pure Freedom-
Without logical reason

You have a beautiful heart
Don't allow a scarred logic limit your potential
Love with your heart
For to love with your mind
Is to retrospect your heart's past memories-
To feel your love's past-
Passion, pain and anger

The mind records and reproduces-
Images and feelings
But only the heart creates-
Passionate emotions

Skin will wrinkle
Objects will deteriorate
But the beauty of truth will forever prevail

Success isn't guided by will alone
One needs purpose; passion; truth
To bloom in full potential

Live now
Before and after
Are biased perceptions of the mind

Seek beauty in truth
And truth in life
For you are life
And you are truth

True beauty and true love
All lie in one
In you
For you
And all to savor and attain joy

Feed your desires truth
And your soul will flourish
And blossom in beauty

Just a thought…