Sunday, March 29, 2015

Moving on to Now

Sometimes we surrender our dignity 
For a love that we think will last.
And when the relationship ends
We find ourselves lost in the past
Without purpose or identity.

We wander in that which was sweet,
Relive moments of bliss.
We cling to passionate memories and feelings,
Attach ourselves to the best parts of the relationship,
Idealizing and glorifying someone who deserted us.

We lock ourselves in a prison
Of sweet sorrow lament,
Reliving infatuation through sentiment.
We don’t want to move forward,
So we create a relationship with what was,
What could of been, what could be.

We tell ourselves that they'll return,
While we wait uncomfortably in stagnant delusion.
We lock ourselves in the happy moments
And allow memories to trap and use us.
We make excuses for them,
We cling on to a person who abandoned us.

We cover our scars with our mistakes,
We accept blame for the ending
And begin to hate ourselves.

Anxiety kicks in,
Followed by agony and despair.
And while we are making ourselves sick,
We insist that we need them,
That we don't deserve them,
That we're not good enough for them.

Even though they left us,
Even though we are suffering,
Barely living, hardly sleeping,
We cling on to the idea 
That having them back will stop the pain.
We tell ourselves that our happiness 
Is only possible when they are with us.
We even convince ourselves that they love us
And are probably missing us.

We ignore the fact that we need to reform,
That we must acknowledge reality
And accept the ending of the relationship.
We grow afraid of growing,
We tell ourselves we're unable to move forward.
We refuse to emerge from the past
And get our heads out of the mud.
We refuse to get out of the box of illusions
We locked ourselves in. 

We grow scared of living in the now,
Of accepting the present outcome.
Afraid of dealing with the idea of failure
We completely miss out on the big picture.
Never realizing that we are suffering 
Because we are allowing the ego
To run our lives, to control our heart;
With judgment, attachment,
Self hatred and possessiveness.

We don't yet understand
That we are hurting ourselves by resisting the present;
That we are failing to bring awareness to the now;
That by clinging to the ending of a relationship
We are reliving the same disappointment
Over and over by dwelling in painful memories.

By not accepting the outcome of things
And allowing the ego to infect us 
With feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment,
Hatred, jealousy, greed, attachment,
We exhaust our energies;
Depleting and destroying our life force.

There is liberation in letting go of the past,
There is freedom in accepting the present,
In being at peace with the outcome of things.
But not until we understand 
That what exited our lives no longed suits us;
No longer benefits our health and evolution;
And we must never dwell on negative emotion.

We must stop judging ourselves and others.
We must never allow our relationships to define us.
We must take responsibility for our health.
Our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness
Is not controlled by how others treat us
Or who moves in and out of our lives. 

We alone control how we feel,
No one can make us feel inferior
Without our consent.
We must grow comfortable with who we are
And accept ourselves completely.
We must take the time to get to know 
Who we are so we can love ourselves
And feel whole as a single being. 

We must return to a complete state,
Like that which we were in when we were born,
Before we grew infected with false ideas
Of how we should live, feel and love.
We must learn to trust and follow our heart again,
As we did when we were kids.
We must bring our attention to the present moment,
Bring awareness to the blessings before us.

We must shatter the illusions, get rid of the excuses,
Let go of the people who walked out of our lives
Or aren't beneficial to our emotional health and soul growth.
So that we may create new dreams, invite new desires,
Pursue new opportunities.
Send out invitations for a new love
That might help us grow and evolve
Into a wiser and healthier person.

Lets never again allow the ego to hold us back
From living and loving freely and unconditionally. 
Our souls are limitless, if we are still feeling restricted 
It's because our awareness isn't in the present moment
And we are listening to the fear based ego.
We have no problems now, 
Lets enjoy the present, appreciate the gift, 
Bring awareness to the beauty within and around us,
Open our eyes to the endless possibilities.

Life is short, time is luck, lets live now, love now.



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