Sunday, March 29, 2015


And then the mask falls, 
Her face opens, 
And though her pearls might not be showing, 
The smile in her heart is wide and brilliant, 
And her eyes reflect the radiance of her soul.
And it's all for you, all for love, 
Her showing of feelings, 
Her show of emotions-
Some which you never felt, 
Others which you hope to feel, 
But all of what you want to see 
And keep memory of experiencing. 
Light attracts us, 
Pulls us in, fills us, 
Feeds our hunger for passion,
Intensity, discomfort, aliveness.
Light directs awareness to our soul, 
Makes conscious our necessity to heal,
Light reveals what's hidden in darkness,
Shines on our meticulously stored secrets.
And beauty, beauty reflects us, 
Shows what mirrors conceal,
Reveals what our souls are made of, 
Inspires potential, fuels dreams, 
Helps us connect with soul wisdom.
Beauty embraces imperfections,
Envelops them in love, 
Beautifies all that is receptive,
All that is rooted in love.
Beauty embodies all elements;
Strong like wind it swirls around you,
Enveloping you in a compassionate hug, 
Freeing you of your chains,
And displaying your nakedness.
Beauty is wild like water,
Guiding and stirring
And quenching your thirst for knowledge.
Beauty is fruitful like earth,
Developing your seeds, 
Molding and supporting your dreams.
Beauty is revolutionary, like fire,
Cleansing, renewing,
Giving new chances for a new you.


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