Sunday, March 29, 2015


It never leaves, never dies, never stops. 

It's ever present, ever burning, ever empowering. 

It is passionate, it is silly, it is childish. 

It never quits, it doesn't listen to ego, it doesn't follow mind. 

It is whole onto itself, it requires no consent, it needs not a body. 

It supports dreams, it fuels reality, it feeds desires.

It frees us from material chains, it extracts us from this body,

It shows us sacred places our bodies can't enter.

It teaches humility, compassion, unconditional kindness.

It is spirit, it is light, it is stardust, it is universal consciousness. 

It inspires, it comforts, it calls the beloved's heart near.

It tells me, it shows me, I'm forever connected to your spirit.


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