Sunday, March 29, 2015


Oh, lovely one,
How I love thee,
And how sweet you sleep,
Cuddled in tenderness,
Immersed in affection,
You caress the blanket with your soft skin, 
Your sweet face sinks into the comforter, 
Comforting and warming the places you lay,
And the delightful tip of your nose 
gently touches the quilt, 
And you breathe through the one exposed nostril,
Constantly opening your mouth 
to compensate for the shortage of incoming air, 
Sleeping on one side of your face, 
One eye half opened, passed out in slumber,
In coma induced dreams, 
Your ears attentive, lifted, 
As if the only conscious part of your body, 
And your gentle hands embracing your fragile chest,
My sweet love, how graceful you lay, 
How magnificent you sleep, 
Oh lovely one, how I love thee. 


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