Sunday, March 29, 2015

To Let Love

To Let Love

We can't be happy for others if we're not happy.

We can't give love if we don't feel love for ourselves.

We can't accept others when we don't accept ourselves.

We won't appreciate others when we don't appreciate ourselves.

We won't let others go freely into the direction they desire if we aren't giving ourselves the freedom we deserve.

We will do to others as we do to ourselves.

If we are hurting we will hurt others.

If we are insecure we will be jealous of the success of others.

If we feel weak we will envy the strength of others.

And nothing anyone can do, no matter how much love they give,
How much another appreciates and accepts us,
If we don't love, appreciate and accept ourselves we will perpetually feel unhappy and envious and insecure.

Letting go is not stopping caring,
Letting go is the beginning of caring more about ourselves 
And less about what others are doing and feeling and thinking.

Letting go is awakening to our potential, our worth, our beauty,
Our influence and impact on the world around us.

Letting go is giving others the same freedom we deserve.

Letting go is not just about not depending on another to make us feel happy,
It's not just detaching ourself from destructive, possessive, negative feelings.

Letting go is allowing others around us to live as they wish, 
So that we too can live as our heart desires; 
Ignoring the negative vibrations and bringing to surface the treasures of our heart,
allowing compassion to overtake cynicism, criticism, judgment of ourselves and others. 
To let go is to enter the path of awakening to unconditional love for ourselves and the world.


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