Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wishful Thinking

He was shallow
She was deep
They danced together
But never understood 
What brought them close

He was impulsive
She was passionate
And for different reasons
They would get together
Till differences set them apart

She couldn't penetrate his soul
He couldn't see into her spirit 
So they kissed, they touched
And left each other alone
But always left hungry

Till one day, he grew courage
He let himself go into love
And fell into her completely
And immersed in her depth
He witnessed her burning heart

And she, overjoyed 
Was able to enjoy 
The simple confusion he lived in
Matching his troubles with hers
And accepting his simple philosophy 

And he was no longer 
Blinded by shallowness
When traveling inside her
And she was no longer
Worried by differences

They no longer lived bothered
By the hunger that inspired 
Their hearts to seek each other
To dance together
Time and time again

For what is true, what is real
Never dies, never fades
And restores peace
And attracts the beloved
Time and time again


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