Thursday, March 26, 2015


A passion shared by one body,
An affair of one soul,
A love that belonged to one heart, 

And then I awoke,
After eternities of dreaming
And creating countless fantasies,

I found myself submerged,
Deep in starved desires,
Encompassed by oblivion,

In conscious unconsciousness,
I saw you far away in my delusion,
And wasn't sure if you were real,

Or an entity created by my mind,
An extension of the love in my heart,
A spirit made up by my soul,

Were you a light only seen by my eyes,
A passion generated in my veins,
A force growing out of my womb,

Arising from my love for the mysterious, 
Born from my willingness to explore the unknown,
Coming alive through my readiness to believe,

Were you a dream only dreamt by my mind,
A feeling only felt by my heart,
A love story only lived by my soul,

You were there when I awoke,
But we didn't awake together,
You were in a different dream,

A passion shared by my heart alone.


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