Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crazy Love

It was crazy, 
Velvet red skies dipped in gold,
Her love was passionate clouds 
Enfolding every inch of her lover,
A wild intense magnetic affection, 
It was definitely crazy,
And that's how we knew it was true.

Her love for herself,
Her love for everyone else,
A cooling fountain,
A spring of kindness,
Calming the weary,
Invigorating the fighters. 

Her love for the world,
Poetic, Compassionate,
Soulful, expressive.
Her love for a lover,
A burning flame,
In the sun or in the rain,
Ever lit consuming fire,
She'd give and give again.

Her inspiration,
Her art,
Awakening energy,
Renewing hearts,
Inspiring life.

The higher self,
The conscious goddess,
The lover of worlds,
Light Illuminating galaxies,
Crazy love transforming hearts.

It was crazy,
A blue dragon with skin like water, 
Wild, guided by love unconditional,
Flying alone, and occasionally ridden by fools,
She was definitely crazy,
And that's how we knew she was love.


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