Sunday, March 29, 2015


Today, I love differently than I did yesterday,
And everyday, every year that passes
It seems that my love changes,
My heart evolves and my love transforms.

Today, I love with a calm heart,
I miss you with a serene mind,
I desire with respect for myself,
I love with love for who I am.

I don't need a lover, but I enjoy loving,
For loving taught me about myself;
Falling in love helped me break my limits,
It showed me I had been loving wrong,
That I had stayed in my comfort zone.

I learned love-unconditional;
To cultivate compassion,
To give selfless attention,
To live each present moment.
I learned to love with pleasure;
To please with love.

I learned the importance of truth,
And passion, and genuine attraction.
I learned to let go of ego;
To quiet my pride,
And fall into love with my whole heart.

I've loved in many ways...

I've desired love with a bitter mind,
I've longed for my lover with a broken heart,
I've prayed for love in agony,
I've asked for a heart in tears,
I've gone to see the beloved in despair,
I've kissed my lover's lips in pain,
I've shared my body in misery.

And so I've loved in many ways...

In confused, hurtful ways,
But also, on good, happy, joyful days.

I've kissed with ardent passion,
I've touched with intense desire,
I've opened my body for my lover to come in,
I've splayed my heart for them to understand,
I've pleased with loving kindness,
I've longed with simple peace,
I've accepted the beloved completely,
I've grown to love my lover as they are.

I've loved in many ways,
I've showed love in every way,
I've done all the crazy stuff
People do when they're in love.

And today, I love with freedom,
With everything I've created for me,
With all my serenity, my patience,
My humility and compassion,
With all that I am and strive to be.

Today, I love without pain,
Without possessiveness and need,
I love without dependence,
Without regret and bitterness.

Today, I love,
Because I learned love,
Because I can love,
Because I am love.


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