Sunday, March 29, 2015


As I grow older I begin to notice,
That the only thing we own is now,
And that the only love we have is Now.

All we have is within the present,
And every moment is precious,
And love never waits for the right time;

The right time for us to feel rested,
For us to be groomed and ready,
For us to be healed and fearless.

Life doesn't wait for us to feel inspired,
Good looking, healthy, happy or ready,
Life challenges us to act despite discomfort.

Life happens and if we're in tune,
If we're aware enough to go with the flow,
We move along and try not to mess things up.

Every present moment is an opportunity, 
A chance to love more, to share more, 
To be more of who we want to be.

This knowledge can prompt us to move faster;
It can scare us, make us adopt a strong sense of urgency;
Making us so focused trying to make the most of every moment 
That we neglect the stillness inside us and lose touch with our soul.

There are many who have lived or live this way,
Trying to be everywhere and do everything at once;
Unaware, anxious, depressed, nervous, angry,
Unconscious, disconnected from their true self.

That is not the kind of taking charge that I'm referring to,
I'm not saying that we must do it all now,
I'm explaining that we can love it all now-
By accepting the grandness that is the now,
By embracing the unconditional love the present offers,
By stoping the chase after past or future presents.

Before the next hour, week, month, year,
Before the next decade arrives,
Before old age gets here,
Before we are set in our ways
And it's harder to change,
Before our chance has passed away.

Why not be in love with who we are now, 
Why not love the life we were given today, 
Why not accept the love we are being offered now;

Embracing the parents we still have left,
The neighbors we are set up next to,
The coworker we are chosen to work with,
And the people who genuinely care and strengthen us.

But most importantly,
Why don't we guide and control the ego we created,
Why don't we stop identifying with temporal thoughts,
Why don't we start feeling with our spiritual minds,
Why don't we stop judging and labeling,
Why don't we stop criticizing and spreading negativity.

Time will never turn back to grant us a second chance,
All we can do is give our best now,
And our best always comes from our heart.

As time passes I begin to see,
That any and every feeling counts,
That what we take pleasure in saying
Can inspire but also wound.

And if we want peace within and throughout,
We must consider our thoughts
Before we write and speak our mind,
For we can be cruel and destructive sometimes.

I now understand what our choices can do,
How much every decision affects our future,
And how I gave way to where I am now.

There is only one love- the Now love,
There is no saving love for later.
You are love or you are resisting love.
I now see, I now accept, that Now is it.


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