Sunday, March 29, 2015


It took me a long time, 
But I healed myself,
I enlightened my mind,
I changed my perception,
I opened my soul to love,
I accepted the fact that I'm loved.

Loving a toxic person,
For so long,
Not understanding why,
Not wanting to accept,
There are no exceptions,
When someone is toxic.

And you torture your mind,
Wondering why they keep coming back,
You tell yourself they love you,
But how can they love you,
If they don't respect you,
Don't appreciate you,
Hurt you when they don't have to.

They come back because they're empty,
Because you're amazing,
Because you're love,
Because they need to use you,
To feel your love,
To feel alive,
Because they are toxic,
Because they lack self worth.

A sick soul is easy to identify,
They function in patterns,
They tell you what you want to hear,
They are shameless,
They'll tell you anything to use you,
They don't feel remorse,
They don't evolve,
They'll stab you over and over again,


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