Sunday, March 29, 2015

Heart Language

And after years of listening and acting on thoughts generated by the mind, we found that though we can't help but to listen to these echoes of foreign and inner turbulence, we do not have to repeat them, believe them, identify or act on them. 

After witnessing what happened when we allowed reason to guide us, we found that reason took us further away from our heart's desires. 

So we cultivated a new language, we invested in the path of least or no resistance, we allowed the present moment to freely unfold. 

And we shut our minds, we silenced our tongues and allowed our hearts to speak. And though we do not understand our hearts and have no idea what they're saying, we feel that the language they speak is magnificent and expresses more wisdom than anything our minds could ever conceive. 

So we lay touching hearts, allowing, accepting, loving from root to root; from soul to soul, from heart to heart. 

And we continually find that our hearts have been speaking all along, even when our minds eluded us, even when our souls lacked light, but specially when love was scarce; Ours hearts never stopped communicating and reciprocating. 


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