Sunday, March 29, 2015

To aid or to hurt

To turn them into such as I am 
would bring about their destruction.

But how to love without stirring rebellion;
To share without changing paths;
To give without taking identity;
To inspire without transforming lives.

Have I shared too much already?
Are they adopting a new persona?

In love, I attempted to show what I see;
Compassionate, I shared my wisdom;
Passionate, I preached change and freedom. 

But not every soul can cope with these gifts
And the burdens that follow.
Not everyone desires a look into the mysterious,
Not every mind wants to handle acute awareness.

With all these ghosts roaming the land I'm never alone,
Which causes my mind to seek solitude.
Not for privacy, but for energy and time,
Time to listen and energy to hear what they're telling me.

And though I love my gift, it isn't easy to cope.
To preserve the time and energy I need to cultivate my talent,
I must seek my own treasures and follow my own creations.
For to lose vision would steer me away from my sacred place.

And so I tread carefully through their minds,
Loving without drawing a new mind,
Inspiring without decapitating souls,
Giving without creating monsters I cannot care for.

For to turn them into such as I am 
would bring about their destruction.


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