Sunday, March 29, 2015


There's no pain,
No agony,
So I search for discomfort.

I run,
I stretch,
I lift,
I learn new skills,
I relocate,
I push boundaries,
I leave my comfort zone.

There's no heartache,
No misery,
No longing,
No specific worry,
No certain destiny,
No one name I'm calling.

In a place filled with possibilities,
In a land where I'm the newest addition,
Making new creative conditions,
To replace obsolete habits,
To recycle exasperated emotions,
To plant healing seeds,
To recharge a tired heart,
To renew my used feelings,
To free my timid spirit.

All mistakes merged,
All faults dissolved into one,
All doubt became one question.
And I'm a victim of nothing,
But my own inexperience.

There's none to blame,
There are no regrets.
If I acted in selfishness,
If I was motivated by ego,
If I've been petty and stubborn,
It was all my own doing,
The doing of my ignorance.

Whether I was conscious or unconscious,
Aware or unaware,
I own up to my mistakes.

No pain,
No blame,
No misery,
No longing,
No one name I'm calling,
No one soul I'm blaming,
No one situation I'm regretting.

It's one big pot of experience,
And I might not be proud of some,
But I don't condemn none.
I forgive myself,
And those who helped me hurt myself,
For if I wasn't already hurting,
They wouldn't of helped.

There's one heart,
One pain,
One understanding,
One desire to evolve.
There's only one love;
My love.
Only one soul I long for;
My god.
Only one place I long to be;
My peace.

Here I create myself,
I decide how I feel.
Here I forgive myself,
I do what's best for me.
I free my spirit,
I open my heart,
I love unconditionally,
I give selflessly,
I live intensely,
I share passionately.

Here I heal as I grow,
I grow as I evolve,
I evolve as I understand,
I understand as I let go.

I am peace;
I am love;
I am god.


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