Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Young Love

Your scent on my pillow,
Your kiss on my lips,
Oh, boy, so young and tender,
Your touch sweet and attentive,
Your embraces long and lasting,
Your promises sincere but unrealistic.

Your heart young and hopeless,
Willing to give me your life,
When I've given you nothing,
Oh, boy, young and proud,
Keep moving, take your scent,
Take your touch,
Take your sweet kisses,
Take it all away.

Daring, adventurous, boy friend,
Always telling me,
You miss me,
You want to see me,
Take me out to eat
Or eat me for dinner.

Sometimes I respond,
Sometimes I let it be,
I don't want to scar,
I don't want to break
Your porcelain heart,
Already sore with daddy issues.

Oh, young restless child,
In your love there is fear,
In your care there is worry,
You long to see me, to touch me,
While fearing my power
And the dangers of entanglement.

Always telling me you're coming,
When you're afraid of showing,
Face, feeling, vulnerability,
Always withholding your gifts,
From your friends and family.

Showing a superficial facade,
Decorated with tattoos
And a tender smile,
Hiding in a false reality,
Where you have to go to prison
To spend time with your father.

Your nature lacks responsibility,
You think you're a free spirit
But you're another poor soul,
Ashamed, rebellious,
Blaming yourself,
Wondering the streets
Without a father figure.

I have no room,
No room in my heart,
No space in my soul,
For your tenderness,
Your innocence,
I have no time,
No time to teach,
No patience for your fragile nature,
Your tattooed body, your stupidity,
Your impulsiveness, your carelessness.

Oh boy, young and scarred,
If I were you I wouldn't call,
I wouldn't come around,
Express how much you miss,
My mind, my body, my presence,
If I were you I'd stay away,
For that's the best you can do,
Before my soul adopts you,
Encloses you in my essence,
Stay away,
For both our sake.


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