Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To My Boy Friends

Too many boys
I've lost my mind
I'll never think as a girl
Raised with boy cousins
I've taken beatings
I've thrown punches

But I can't keep away
I love my boys
They motivate
A centered self
A stronger body
They shape me
Push me hard
To work harder

I can always be better
In the eyes of a boy
I can always win
I can be anything
In a man's mind
I'm a warrior
I'm here for a purpose

My lovely boys
Amazing spirits
I'm blessed
To be called a friend
To be one with them
It's important
Having boy friends
Opens perspective
The opposing sex

My boys are sincere
They share wisdom
Or they share care
They show me
A new life
A new perspective
Of my own life
They pick me apart
They tell me my faults
They show me
The steps I have to take
To build the stair I need
To climb
To someone I'm happy with

Silly, playful, beautiful
They remind me
I'm not a guy in a girl's body
"Act like a lady",
"You behave with no morals"
When I burp in front of them
I tell them
"Your mother has no morals
For Having You"
And we laugh

I never cared to impress man
I don't look for boys
I don't search for men
They walk into my life
With common interests
My friends and I bond
We take care of each other
Well, they take care of me
Making sure I'm always happy

My boys are steal
No strangers may touch me
And cruel intentions are deadly
They will attack
My boys don't play
They guard me
Protect me
Many times I've been saved

And when they lie
It's superficial
And it's usually to protect me
My boys are all different
Unique spirits
Individual lives
Same male energy
Always ready to fight

I love my boys
I love my girls
But this is for you, guys


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