Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running You Out

Under moon lit skies
Brilliant white diamonds
Fold into black clouds
I sit beneath the elegant moon
Perpetually veiling our eyes
With the help of the sun

With a lover by my side
And friends that come by
During the day or in the night
I make time to work
To run the pain out

Inside it's quite beautiful
I've build a nice place in my soul
It's even peaceful, I'm very grateful
I don't have to do anything
For anyone, at any time
At the expense of my soul

It's an ineffable freedom
That carries me from city to city
From country to country
From town to town

The beauty concentrated in your heart
Draws me closer
Lures me, carries me distances
Mentally, physically
Your beauty drives me

This art of loving
I'm having the pleasure of learning
Reassures the most vulnerable parts of my soul
Without it I am nothing
With it I am content with being nothing
And loving everything

For nourishment- In search of beauty I go
Never stopping, never quitting
My quest for physical freedom
My peaceful ideas
No pride, no ego, just love
Daring, fearless, passionate, I go

Beauty fulfills, it completes, It gives purpose
To existing and communicating
To loving and forgiving
To sharing and saving
To sacrificing for the ones we love

If you learned to use beauty as a drug
If you took a hit of it every time you were down
If you had a shot of it when you were upset
If you had a fix of beauty
Every time you felt unhappy
Life would be a different proposition

I run my heart out, I run the pain out
Under the moonlight
In the middle of the night
In my head or in a park
I run you out of my heart

Under the burning sun
Inside a crowded gym
In the streets of Philadelphia, I run
On Kelly Drive, Up and down Fairmount Park
I run you out of my heart
Skin sizzling, pores sweating, I run
Till what made me frown Makes me smile
Till the thought of you
Makes me break out in laughter

Till the endorphins feed the cravings
Till I feel you pulsing in my chest
Till I don't have to leave my house
To feel you
Till You becomes "we"
Till I'm content with running
And improving "me"
I run you out of my heart.


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