Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Within my heart...

Within a heart filled with love,
Within a boy misunderstood,
On the edge of adulthood,
On the path to unveiling a purpose,
I met you.

In between rights and wrongs,
In between art and wrongdoing,
In between passion and career,
I met you.

In between a friend inviting you,
In between champagne and beer,
In between me looking confused
And you being tall and handsome,
We met.

In between your seductive eyes,
And our ability to laugh,
In between me driving you home
And your hands meeting my thigh,
In between passionate kisses
And my hands pushing your hands away,
We met.

On the edge of insanity,
Swimming in an ocean of fire,
Out of breath,
Trying to surface for air,
To get burned again,
I left.

The ones we thought were better
Are now a fantasy we can live without,
We no longer desire their touch,
Though in a drunken night,
An ex-lover can be of service.

In between our lips meeting,
My heart met you,
In an exchange of light
I became addicted to feeling you.

Your touch ignites a flame,
A fire that consumes my heart,
My soul embraces you
And fuels a desire
That could swallow us whole.

You stirred passion,
You inspired my pen,
In a real way,
I learned to compromise,
I learned what it is to want to please,
To want make someone happy.

This undying desire to feel you,
This spring of loving feeling,
This peace I found because I loved,
This desire that won't give in.

This fantasy I want to realize,
Even if it hurts me,
I want to touch your skin,
Come close, hold me,
Lift my spirit.

With you I experienced the ups and downs,
The struggle of trying to hold on,
The understanding that taught me
To accept, to forgive, to give freedom.

With you I learned to write
For the broken-hearted,
The young hearts-disappointed,
The ones who fell into love
Believing it was perfect,
Never knowing perfection themselves.

With you is where my mind is,
It's where my body wants to be,
With your fiery body,
And your fierce attitude,
With you, only with you.


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