Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Echoes of past dialogue,
Shadowed by a past lover,
Your presence continues
To follow my emotions.
Memories of the past
Won't let me enjoy the present,
How can it be any different?

I get what I want
But It’s never enough,
So I chase you around
Through my life’s playground.
And you seem to be calm
But inside you are raging,
Bottled emotions, unsatisfied lust,
Unfulfilled fantasies stuck in traffic.

You had me, don’t need me,
Long to deceive me,
So the past becomes the present
And the present the past.

Unawareness blinds us,
Keeps us busy projecting an image.
I tried my hardest to forget,
I moved away,
Accepted a fiancée,
I dreamt a new love,
Traded truth for security.

But why kiss lips
If not the most perfect?
And why hold hands
If not the warmest?
Why go through life
Without letting you know
You belong to my soul.

Our past consumes our love,
Stirs up hate in our blood.
I need not be near to understand,
I get what you don’t want me to know.

And when they hold me
I feel your grip,
Where they loved me
I’ve only been once or twice,
Don’t really care for attention
If not that of your eyes.

So If you don’t care
Than I'm not flaunting,
No need for a spotlight
If you’re not looking.
Can our love make it through
The affairs, the abuse?
Then let the dreams
We conceived breath,
You’re killing me
In dreams of the past
In present disguise.

I reach for your hands,
Cling to your smile,
And wish for a present
With you by my side.


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