Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As I Cried

And as I cried I held his hand as hard as I could,
And he said, "From now on I'm holding your hand everyday,
You're sharing in on my strength".
And my tears stopped and we drove to our destination.

And after he dropped me off he said,
"You're going to receive my love everyday,
I hope you can handle it.
It's going to be tiresome
But I'm strong and can endure it.
He doesn't deserve you"

And in my friend I found strength,
In his love I saw myself,
In his soul I saw my potential,
In his tears I experienced a love
That can heal any wound,
That can destroy any hurt
And renew my heart and soul.

And I told the undeserving soul,
"You're a lucky man to have me as a friend,
A heart as pure as mine is a rare find,
You should be lucky to teach me something
That could improve my mind and body"

And he said, "........."

If you're giving to someone and getting nothing in return
It's probably because they have nothing to offer.
And that's not your fault or theirs,
It's just the way life is at that moment and time.
All you can do is remove yourself from
That black hole sucking in all your love.


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