Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If only I could see and experience through your eyes, your heart, your mind. Awareness is a blessing, I am still, the mind is still, experiencing what's in front of me. The heart wonders in memories and desires of fantasies to come, curious about the direction my spirit is taking. All we can do is be, be love, be aware, be strong, in control of our thoughts, acknowledging the presence of the God creator within us. As everything fades around us, as we fade from the inside out, we try to remain solid for as long as we can, we try to be invincible dying bodies because of our awareness of the eternal spirit within us. But our day will come, our hearts will stop beating, all that will be left of our mind is the thoughts we recorded, the creations we left behind, one day our spirits will move on. I live to learn, to understand the life I was born into, the purpose of being in this illusive reality. God bless your vision, may you always walk close to the source, stay connected to nature, to the birth and death of life. I'm blessed to be experiencing this world, blessed to have been given this body, this heart, this mind. The only lasting beauty is that of the heart.


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