Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Finally Understand

The more we know the less we feel
I finally understand you
For I feel the same
I experience no desperation
No ill feeling
No agony, no remorse
No excitement for the unknown
The only remaining feeling is love

Because I am love
I am the feeling
I am the emotion that brings you close
Me and all my being
Me and my compassion
My broken understanding
Of what it is to relate
To another being

I finally understand
What I am here for
I finally see purpose in motion
My talent to give
To receive love

I finally see
Not just with eyes
But with soul
I finally feel
Not just with mind
But with heart and spirit
I feel every emotion around me
From everything that surrounds me
Clouds, Infects, blinds me
Secludes, isolates
Hurts, heals, breaks
The force that motivates
Applies pressure
Causes change
Transpires pure strength
Pure force, sole energy
Pushing, pulling all of us in

A heavy hand on my heart
My soul is with those children
Each brilliant soul lies in heaven
Playing with their relatives
Singing, creating melodies
Healing with laughter
Making new friends
Being young souls
Serving the universe with love

While my mind tries to forget
While I turn the channel
I remember
The thirty elementary school children
Shot on December of 2010
In Rio de Janeiro
"Why have God taken them so soon?"
Maybe they're better off away from here
We'll know soon enough

All we can do is give love
And pray for more love
To heal these types of sicknesses
The more we know the less we feel
So I close my mind and open my heart
I shut my eyes and see through my soul
I feed on familiar faces
While appreciating the unknown


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