Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Some people walk to the store and fall in love,
Some fall in love on the bus,
At work,
At the bar, at the club,
Some fall in love in their sleep,
Aspiring to become greater than,
Better than the self alone.

I fall in love on the train,
Reading Shakespeare,
Envisioning us as characters in a tragic play,
I fall in love at work,
Turn inwards,
Internalize you,
I focus on your beauty inside my soul.

My stoic expression causes them to ask,
"What's wrong, Amanda?"
I'm in love, fools,
I'm in longing, foolish humans,
I'm in love and can't be bothered.

I daydream at the gym,
Imagining your sweaty body next to me,
Running towards me,
Stretching next to me,
Lifting weights, I fall in love.

Love comes when you need it most,
To free you from the world,
To separate the ego from the soul,
Split feelings from blessings,
Flesh from light,
Memorization from experience.

Love offers you a chance to grow,
Blesses your spirit with freedom,
Freedom from judgment,
Spiritual diseases.

But many misinterpret,
Cheat it, use it,
Clinging to people and things.
Some go mad and blame love,
Trying to turn feelings into tangible things,
Emotions into promises,
Giving reason to spiritual sensations.

I write like I know
Because I'm blessed to see
Something you don't.
But if you ask me what I believe
I'll tell you I only believe in love.

For over and over I fall,
For you, for them, for everything,
I fall in love again and again,
For I cling to nothing
And give nothing but love.

And when you're alone
You reach for me,
You give me vanity,
Shallow pictures wrapped in fantasy.
And when I'm missing you
I give you what you ask,
And you stop and think
"What is it about this poetess
That makes me act so foolish?,
What is it about this woman
That makes me feel so stupid?"

But me, I'm beyond pondering,
Philosophizing, explaining my feelings,
I'm tired of over thinking and complaining.
I count the years on both hands,
And as each year passes I grow confident
I'll always love to fall in love with you,
Over and over, again and again,
I'll fall for the love I demand.


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