Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Out of Sight

To love a man without vision,
To fancy a mind that can't envision,
To want a heart of numbed emotions,
To feel a soul that's been silenced.

To know passion,
To have experienced pure love
With a man who chases his tail.

I'm out of time,
Been out of lies,
I only deceived you
To leave you,
Thought I could escape from feeling,
Thought you'd always hurt me,
Thought this love could destroy me,
And it did, for a while it did.

I met with sorrow and regret
When I realized I shouldn't have left.

I stopped running,
I started focusing,
On the real things--
The love in my heart,
The plants in my garden,
The foods that heal my body,
The dreams that fuel my passion,
The friends who knock on my door.

My blood,
My family,
My talent,
My purpose,
My fitness,
Strengthens my faith in a cure,
That I can live free of wanting you.

When I think I've ran you out of my mind
You appear in my heart,
Gently resting in my soul,
Charming enough to make me write a poem
And listen to songs that commemorate us.

Tattooed in my soul with the few hearts I know,
You're here with everything I've seen
And all the things you showed.
I keep it all inside me in case you ever ask to see.
From time to time I pretend to move on,
For everything I want and love lies inside a closed soul.


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