Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking Out

Sitting on a plane
Looking out the window
In the midst of clouds
Our love floats about
Your mind spots mine
Thinking about you

You rush towards me
With your rusty spear
Piercing my chest
Infecting my heart
Filling my mind with memories
With desire of fantasies to come

You sit quietly
Wondering about me
Dreaming of touching bodies
Desiring me loudly
Screaming for my body

Your heart closed
With me in it
Touching from the inside
Healing through intention
Through compassion
My unconditional passion
Inspiring, inciting
Creating everlasting

Sitting next to older folks
Imagining us growing old
Loving your skin for life
Embracing your wrinkles
Your aches and your pains
Being patient through your rage
Understanding your heartache

Love, take this trip with me
Lay on my lap
Rest your head on my chest
Give me an arm to lean on
A chest to grab while lovemaking
A mouth to breathe into
Give your soft lips to taste
Your wet tongue to chew
Give me the body I long for
The heart I'm meant to touch

There is no other
No other love
There is no other
No other fool


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